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I don’t love you because…

I don’t love you because you do everything I want you to, I don’t love because you are a perfect example of a friend, sister,brother etc., I don’t love because you give me things, I don’t love you because you like my Twitter, Facebook, Google+ posts or my Instagram pictures & textgrams, I don’t love because you agree with every word I say or that you even agree with my faith, I Love because I choose to Love, I’m not perfect at giving but I choose to give because it was freely given to me.

by Algenia Kimya

Your Moment Is On It’s Way

All it takes is one moment for your life to change forever. But sometimes we can be so focused on why things aren’t happening that we miss the fact that right now God is preparing us for THAT moment. It would be a tragedy to be so frustrated with why we aren’t where we want to be that we MISS THE MOMENT when it comes because we were too busy complaining and not preparing. I am a living example that moments do happen! I promise you, YOUR moment is coming! Jesus says, “you were faithful over a few things, now I’ll make you ruler over many, come and share your master’s happiness” — Be faithful over the crumbs of opportunity today because they prepare you for the Table of Destiny that you will feast at tomorrow! Turn every complaint today into a prayer request of preparation! 


Produced By Faith: Being a Christian

“Being a Christian isn’t about being safe, or being a Christian only in environments where it is comfortable for us. It’s about God putting us through the purifying experience of work and struggle in order to perfect our character, integrity, and perspective.” – @DeVon_Franklin #ProducedbyFaith 

I gotta say since I’ve been here in Georgia (the furnace) my faith has been tried more than ever. I am so out of my comfort zone, and I definitely do not feel safe. However, even in and through the struggles I count it joy,to be for my good and God’s glory in the end.
So when I read this it made me smile 🙂 because it reminded me of what I heard the Lord say to me in 2004… “you must be tried in the fire before gold”. :/ What? Excuse me. What does that suppose to mean Father? I didn’t understand that saying constantly playing in my head.

Then I was lead to read Daniel 3 about the three Hebrew boys Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace.

Basically, STAND under pressure…your faith will be tried … trust in the relationship that you have with Jesus, he doesn’t show out to please man but he does show up to save man.

So in short Fam, I am reminded here that As Jesus was with them so shall He be with me through these purifying experiences to shape my character, integrity and perspectives. 🙂


Spending time with God:Reminded that I MUST Believe!!!!

My prayer: LORD, it seems that I have no strength at all these days. Frustrations have caused my emotions to haywire; evaluating the people &  my circumstances around me has caused unrest  and doubt; evaluating myself has caused confusion and depression.  I haven’t sat quietly with You, listening, sharing, nor have I verbalized my trust in You in the depth I need. Meaning that I have said, “I trust in You today, Lord”–but I have not done that with my whole heart–with what’s happening in my world. It’s been a “surface saying.” So, I see why I have no strength. I found it difficult to take the time to be quiet and at times to pray… but I long for that–solitude, stillness, no disturbance–quietness. Lord, I am asking that You live, love, forgive & shine through me to establish Your will and purpose for me and those around me. 



God says: Stop trying. Stop struggling. You’ve heard the illustration of a drowning man–how difficult it is to help him as he flails his arms–as he panics and struggles to save himself. This is what you’re doing. You are endeavoring to accomplish something that is beyond your ability to achieve. Stop doing it. Just stop! Your efforts are futile. Your strength will fail. Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you acknowledge My power? My wisdom? My love? You know the kind of person I am. I’ve told you. I am gracious and compassionate; abounding in loving-kindness and truth; I forgive iniquities, transgressions and sins. I keep my loving-kindness for thousands. I know the plans that I have for you–plans for good–not for evil. I am God. The Lord of all flesh. Is anything too difficult for Me? Algenia, let Me do it for you, please. 


My response: Yes, Lord!! 


A Letter to GOD: Worship

Dear God,

I just want to give You praise, I know that I have been complaining so much lately and asking for help to make it through these tough times, I know that is ok to ask for your help, but I came to realize that I need to Worship You with all of my being, I believe what your Word says and that that “You will never leave nor forsake me” ” You are a shelter in a time of storm” ” that You knew me even while I was being formed in mothers womb”… I’m taking you at your word today and remembering that You know the plans that you have for me, you have made provisions for throughout my life, this is my season to be still and know that You are God and You are more than worthy to be praised through the good and the bad of my life. I ask for forgiveness and I am grateful for you shining through the darkness of my life. Today, I just want to praise you! Thanks Jesus for saving a person like me: fickle, funny, scared, battered and bruised sinner. Thank you for The inheritance of being called Your child, Thanks for reminding me that this war is not about be me it is about You and My Worship and praise belong to You Heavenly Father because of who you are. I’m going to praise You anyway in the middle of these trials for Your glory through my life’s testimony.

Just grateful, Algenia KimyaImage