Thought I was just going to peek and read the Preface of the book, I done messed around and got INTO a few chapters.


I Call her Gloria Grace

I LOVE this Stunning illustration by @kadirnelson This speaks volumes to me, I wanted to know more about this, so, I researched to find the meaning and the vision behind it, and come to my surprise it was created for or during the #womensmarch.



I call her Gloria Grace! She speaks of history, truth, pain, strength and courage. She stands reflecting the rays of the Son, walking on water in peace. Her voice gracefully cries out to others to rise from the jungles of this world. Letting nothing distract her from her purpose. Her heart sings a of Love to the one that created her, at this mountain she stands to show others that it can be moved.


Transparency Prayer for freedom

Father God,

I am absolutely petrifed as I read your word, looking over my life I haven’t always been obedient. I’ve failed many times  at my attempts to walk right, even now. Father, You have watched over me day and night with loving  faithfulness, never failing at giving your fresh grace and mercy. Knowing that the first step is to acknowledge when there is a problem, and there needs to be a change, Second, is taking it to the way maker so, I bring to you a major burden,  I want to be free, truly free from ALL generational curses, I pray the power of Jesus’ blood over myself,  my family, my children.  I pray that the things that have been passed down, that has infused itself hereditarilly, behavioral habits, witchcraft, all kinds sickness and diseases be broken ,loosed,  and severed from the bondage of sin and the we be brought into the house of God, living renewed in faith,  revived in the Holy spirit and restored to what you have intended for us to to be as we seek your ways, loving you. I truly ask for guidance, truth, endurance and boldness into this new life. 

What if the detour is the only way to the destination?

What if the detour is the only way to the destination?

Sometimes we seem to be wandering aimlessly, far removed from our real passions and purposes. The roadmap to our destination takes crazy turns and leaves us either scratching our heads or crying out at God. But as we look at Scripture, we see in the life of Joseph, as well as many other biblical characters, that this process is not the exception, it’s the norm. This is how God works. It may be excruciating at times, but there is purpose in it. He is writing a bigger story and fitting us into it in ways we cannot yet see.

Detour: Finding Purpose When Life Doesn’t Make Sense.
A Study of the Life of Joseph

For all of us who are frustrated because life seems more like a maze than a clearly sign-posted journey, here is a series that we have desperately needed. Phil Tuttle points out that, surprisingly, God often works His special and productive purposes in seasons of life where clarity is the missing ingredient. Digging deep into the life of Joseph, Phil demonstrates that God manages our confusion toward good and productive ends. Experience this series, and be encouraged!

Dr. Joseph M. Stowell

From A Fiery Furnance To Gold

For years now, since 2004…
I’ve held on to the words I heard “You must be tried in the fire before you are gold” I didn’t know at the time what it meant the more that I heard it I searched it out. I talked to a friend about it and asked why would I keep hearing this over and over again? That friend said Remember the three Hebrew boys …Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego,  read Daniel 3, so I did. I knew that God was telling me that I would go through some things and He will be there to help me.

Years have gone by and I have been through my share of fiery furnaces… I can’t even begin to tell of them all, what I can say today is that as painful as the struggles and sufferings of this world are, they can’t even be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us [what He truly has for me.]  ~Roman 8:18

His word says “But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you .To Him be the glory and the dominion forever and ever Amen.”
~1 Peter 5:10-11

So, as I cried and asked why and looked for solutions in my situation I took a moment to sit down to pray and read and here is what I found:

Buy of Me Gold in the Fire Increased FAITH & LOVE for the end of time:

Because you say, “I am rich, I have become wealthy, and I have need of nothing’— and do you not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked— I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich;
Revelations 3:17,18

“The gold they Jesus would have us buy of Him is gold tried in the fire; it is the gold of faith and love that as a no defiling substance mingled  with it.”

Note: the gold tried in the fire is FAITH and LOVE. They will both will be purified in His people just before Christ returns. The faith we have learned cognitively will be re-learned experientially  through great adversity. God is looking to refine His people to the degree that their faith (trust in Him ) and their love for others will mirror the faith and love of Christ. Through many forms of adversity, God is at work preparing the hearts of His children.

When one who has wandered far in sin seeks to return to God, he will encounter criticism and distrust there are those who doubt whether his repentance is genuine, or will whisper, “he has no stability I do not believe that he will hold out” these persons are doing not the work of God but the work of Satan, who is the accuser of the Brethren through their criticisms the wicked one hopes to discourage that soul, and to drive him still farther from hope and from God. Let the repainting sinner contemplate the rejoicing in heaven over  the return of the one that was lost. Let him rest in the love of God and in no case be disheartened by the scorn and suspicion of the Pharisees. {COL 190.2}

website: circle.Adventist.org/files/nadspiritual/FireTriedLove.pdf

This along with the encouragement of friends that KNOW the struggle and Love God, has Blessed me, strengthened me, Empowered me and even brought me to pray for my friends and frenemies.

You may even me cry from my struggles and sufferings, but think not that I have no hope because I do and it is in Christ’s promises to me… My God CAN NOT FAIL!
🙂 #Blessingsinthefurnace

Taking a look at the inner me: God, it’s not you,it’s me…

I heard the most humbling sermon yesterday along with today’s morning Devotional my spirit was moved to write this:

Heavenly Father,

I am always asking You for this and that, and expecting You to always to come through, even after I have strayed away trying to do things on my own. In those moments when You were silent and nothing seemed to be happening, I would think that You couldn’t hear me, that you left me, that you were to busy answering real prayers…  never had I thought that is me who was holding up your blessings for my life because of my selfish ways, my disobedience towards you. (Forgive me, Have mercy Father!)

I hadn’t thought that maybe I missed something, that just maybe that my motives, my spirit wasn’t lining up with Your purpose for me, after all your Word says you have great plans, a wonderful purpose, an awesome future for me, sooooo why then did I think, or doubt, that you were not faithful to fulfil every one of Your promises concerning me? 

Today, I’ve taken a self evaluation, a self-inspection of my spirit and Father God, I’ve come to realize that it isn’t you, it’s me…  It was never you, You have been the unconditionally faithful one in this relationship, here in this moment before you I ask for Your forgiveness and that you help me to have a humble heart, a true desire to fully serve you, create in me a clean heart and a right spirit within me.

Take these selfish desires from me to want to fix it, to do things myself attitude, lead me Holy Spirit, so that I can be a vessel used by You Father. Let not these past, present and future
“Character building moments” be not missed but remembered daily, moment by moment for the building of Your Kingdom.

Let Your light shine, as You mold me for Your purpose. I thank You Lord, for opening my hearts eye to see me how You see me, cleansing, restoring and providing for my EVERY need (mind, body and soul).
Your Love for me is immeasurable and I will thank you with my life.

Your will be done.
~Algenia Kimya 3/24/13

Prayer: My thoughts

When someone asks you to pray for them, this isn’t the time for you to ask them what the details are, this IS an opportunity, to Love them by doing what is requested of us as their family in Christ.

Leave the details to God, take them to the Father with your heart and motives in the right place. In your intercession  prayer with Him, ask only that “His will be done”! Leave the details to Him, He has the better understanding and a purpose for that situation.

At times when someone is going through a situation, they don’t need to hear your opinions, your suggestions, or what saith you, what you think… the only thing they need is God’s Word spoken over their issue and into their life. PERIOD! We have NO power of our own to get to the core of the issues. ALL POWER BELONGS TO GOD.

For me to call myself a Christian (a follower of Christ) shouldn’t I do what He has asked of me to, Love my neighbor as I Love myself? I say emphatically YES!!

At times people are so ready to get the 411 on other’s and gossip about them, but forgetting that they are and once was in need of honest prayer, forgiveness, and another chance too.

For me it is a privilege to lift someone up in prayer, because it is another opportunity for them and myself to be in the presence of the Heavenly Father, He will teach/show me what to say or do for them. I am humbly honored that God hasn’t cast me away but He Loves me and gives me opportunities to come before Him on behalf of His people.

Again, I say” His will be done, not mine”.

Algenia Kimya