Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.  

Zig Ziglar

A letter To Spelman

In preparation for a job interview one would typically recite questions that are asked in an interview,  review their resume and check out the company’s website that they are seeking to get hired with to get familiar with the Misson and values of the company.

But, this is how I prepared for a job interview, I started reading a letter I wrote to Spelman back in 2009.

Seeking knowledge, truth and understanding are a natural part of my character. Looking over my life I’ve found that these are elements that have led me down a long but narrow road to fulfill a desire of overcoming my circumstances and  helping  others.

I understand that my life is not just about me and what I have been through but that they are to benefit someone else. I have a purpose and duty to teach truth, motivate and encourage others to be their best. I hold an optimistic view-point of life and an untiring determination to overcome obstacles in order to achieve personal and academic goals. In my research for colleges I found that Spelman holds values that are compared to mine, Integrity, education and commitment to service.

What this college can expect from me is a focused student determined to meet the requirements to fulfill a dream not only for myself but for the many lives that will be touch through my life experiences, hard work, education and wisdom. Being one of the first women to complete High School, a Vocational School and attend College.

The women in my family for generations only had up to 9th grade education.  Some did not have the option, but some chose not to pursue education because of their circumstances.

As a young girl, I felt that there was no way out or hope.  In my desperate search for happiness, hope and love I made some decisions that changed my life forever, I became a mother at an early age. At first I felt like a “statistic” another young black girl living the life either involved in gangs, drugs and a product of the ghetto.  I disliked the thought of being a teenaged girl put into a box of “the ghetto persona”. I wanted out!

Now looking back, I did not know how to start but, my mind would not let me settle for what was offered. My mother with only a 9th grade education was a single parent raising 3 kids, and now her child had a child of her own. I knew that I did not want the same thing to happen to my children. I purposed in my heart to break the generational cycle. It was going to end with me.

I wanted to teach my children morals, virtue, character and self-esteem, so that they would become strong mentally, spiritually and emotionally not only for themselves but also to be a light for others. But first I had to learn these characteristics. I knew that I could not give them what I did not have so I began to search for individuals that would provide sincere encouragement, guidance, and truth and influence me to make better choices.

I remember my high School Black History teacher, she encouraged students that they could be anything that they chose to be, and as she lived her life before her students she inspired me to become a teacher. In my last year of high school I volunteered to work as a teacher’s aid at an elementary school and I also assisted as a dance instructor for the youth at the local parks and recreation center along side my brother well-known Dancer and choreographer within the community.

I began to change from the inside out as I seen how my determination helped the children in the community. Life is about continual growth and progress; I believe that Spelman College is the right place for me to continue this growth and progress.

My life has a renewed hope and meaning, and my desire is to share of my experiences and to teach the youth who are our leaders for tomorrow, that there is Hope. In no way do I say that this journey will be easy,  but with faith, perseverance and obedience I believe that these are key components to reaching this goal.  I am well suited for the course of study as a K-12 Educator; first, because I firmly believe that this is my calling.

My desire also, is to be a part of the solution for the many challenges that are facing young adults. I want to leave a legacy of character, purpose and integrity as did many of the Historical female matriarch’s; Harriett Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Mahalia Jackson and Coretta Scott-King.

These are just a few out of host of women who had endured so much through their trials to achieve a greater purpose. They committed their lives selflessly to bless others. Now we have an opportunity to learn of their achievements of how they made a choice to change the world.


After reading this not so normal martial for an interview, I felt at peace. I wasn’t concerned with the hustle of how the interview would go or even if I would get the job or not.  I simply believe what is for me is for me. When the interviewer called she quickly said to me relax, I just want to hear your voice, I don’t want to go through typical interview questions, I don’t have time for that. As she was speaking, she had already placed me into the position and explained that all she wanted was to place someone who was  passionate about a few things like a healthy lifestyle, quality in service and overall compassion.

Praise God! Listen, ya’ll, I tell you what 😉 by the end of the conversation, I received a double portioned blessing. To be honest, I didn’t see the comparison of the letter with today’s job interview, but God’s words says that “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him. 1 Corinthians 2:9 

This part of the journey is bringing me from being hidden and anonymous to necessary for a purpose. Now I know that during the time that I wrote this admissions letter I was to be hidden to be developed for such a time as this.

Yes, because God has a purposed this, I got the job!

A. Kimya