I Call her Gloria Grace

I LOVE this Stunning illustration by @kadirnelson This speaks volumes to me, I wanted to know more about this, so, I researched to find the meaning and the vision behind it, and come to my surprise it was created for or during the #womensmarch.



I call her Gloria Grace! She speaks of history, truth, pain, strength and courage. She stands reflecting the rays of the Son, walking on water in peace. Her voice gracefully cries out to others to rise from the jungles of this world. Letting nothing distract her from her purpose. Her heart sings a of Love to the one that created her, at this mountain she stands to show others that it can be moved.



Taking a look at the inner me: God, it’s not you,it’s me…

I heard the most humbling sermon yesterday along with today’s morning Devotional my spirit was moved to write this:

Heavenly Father,

I am always asking You for this and that, and expecting You to always to come through, even after I have strayed away trying to do things on my own. In those moments when You were silent and nothing seemed to be happening, I would think that You couldn’t hear me, that you left me, that you were to busy answering real prayers…  never had I thought that is me who was holding up your blessings for my life because of my selfish ways, my disobedience towards you. (Forgive me, Have mercy Father!)

I hadn’t thought that maybe I missed something, that just maybe that my motives, my spirit wasn’t lining up with Your purpose for me, after all your Word says you have great plans, a wonderful purpose, an awesome future for me, sooooo why then did I think, or doubt, that you were not faithful to fulfil every one of Your promises concerning me? 

Today, I’ve taken a self evaluation, a self-inspection of my spirit and Father God, I’ve come to realize that it isn’t you, it’s me…  It was never you, You have been the unconditionally faithful one in this relationship, here in this moment before you I ask for Your forgiveness and that you help me to have a humble heart, a true desire to fully serve you, create in me a clean heart and a right spirit within me.

Take these selfish desires from me to want to fix it, to do things myself attitude, lead me Holy Spirit, so that I can be a vessel used by You Father. Let not these past, present and future
“Character building moments” be not missed but remembered daily, moment by moment for the building of Your Kingdom.

Let Your light shine, as You mold me for Your purpose. I thank You Lord, for opening my hearts eye to see me how You see me, cleansing, restoring and providing for my EVERY need (mind, body and soul).
Your Love for me is immeasurable and I will thank you with my life.

Your will be done.
~Algenia Kimya 3/24/13

Prayer: My thoughts

When someone asks you to pray for them, this isn’t the time for you to ask them what the details are, this IS an opportunity, to Love them by doing what is requested of us as their family in Christ.

Leave the details to God, take them to the Father with your heart and motives in the right place. In your intercession  prayer with Him, ask only that “His will be done”! Leave the details to Him, He has the better understanding and a purpose for that situation.

At times when someone is going through a situation, they don’t need to hear your opinions, your suggestions, or what saith you, what you think… the only thing they need is God’s Word spoken over their issue and into their life. PERIOD! We have NO power of our own to get to the core of the issues. ALL POWER BELONGS TO GOD.

For me to call myself a Christian (a follower of Christ) shouldn’t I do what He has asked of me to, Love my neighbor as I Love myself? I say emphatically YES!!

At times people are so ready to get the 411 on other’s and gossip about them, but forgetting that they are and once was in need of honest prayer, forgiveness, and another chance too.

For me it is a privilege to lift someone up in prayer, because it is another opportunity for them and myself to be in the presence of the Heavenly Father, He will teach/show me what to say or do for them. I am humbly honored that God hasn’t cast me away but He Loves me and gives me opportunities to come before Him on behalf of His people.

Again, I say” His will be done, not mine”.

Algenia Kimya

Your actions has nothing to do with my Love

I don’t love you because you do everything I want you to, I don’t love because you are a perfect example of a friend, sister,brother, parent etc., I don’t love because you give me things, I don’t love you because you like my Twitter, Facebook post or Instagram pictures, I don’t love because you agree with every word I say or that you even agree with my faith. I simply Love because I choose to Love. I am not perfect in my giving but I choose to give love because it was given to me when I didn’t deserve it. I’ve come to understand that hurting people, hurt people, so I figured that loved people can love people. 🙂 I’m still learning daily how to let God show His love through me by forgiving those that hurt, use and abuse you, blessing those that speak evil of you, giving to those that take from you, feeding those that have no physical or spiritual food… because truthful in it all He sees what is done in secret and in plain sight and He knows every motive of the heart and He is just to reward both the giver and receiver. Blessings, A. Kimya

A Prayer to be a LIGHT in the darkness


I want to lift up ALL the children that you have given me and continue to bring my way. I don’t know what you see in broken me, to bring others to me on this path… I know that these are somehow divine appoinments to share of Your goodness.

There are so many days that I’m scared because I don’t want to show them my pain or just a  version of you, So, here is what I ASK and I pray that The real You be receieved, conveyed and glorified.  LET Your light that You have purposed within me to shine through, that it will reach all whom it is meant for and bless them abundantly. Forgive me of my sins and grant the strength to endure this journey.

#YourWORDwillnotreturntoyouvoid 🙂

All GLORY to you Father God Only Your will be done. In the name of Christ Jesus.

Learning 2Be A Light
Algenia Kimya


Just when I think I can’t handle anymore Your Holy Spirit reminds me that Your grace is sufficient… and that it is Your strength  that is showing in my weekness.

So, I ask again Father just grant me the wherewithal to nature, teach, love, endure and ha
ve peace with your people. Help me to bare  fruit that will reap a harvest unto you.

Thank you I praise you now for what is to come, for I Know that Your Word will not return to You void.

In the powerful name of Christ Jesus.