Recognizing The Process of Change

​I am feeling encouraged this morning, 
 Our Heavenly Father, is making things happen to show His favour. I have had 3 different encounters in the span of 3 days, to let me know that His is listening to my prayers in regards to a particular situation, each encounter had the same message,  STAND, STAY ENCOURAGED and Know that God is Intentional. They shared simular situations that they had endured. True enough, their testimonies gave me hope to see myself differently and remain steadfast because I believe that  God wanted me to KNOW and  REMEMBER that He is with me.  It IS His will for us to put on His character and Grow through adversity, challenges and obstacles. I’ve notice that I was placed in a situation that was dark to be a light. In the beginning 5 months ago, I didn’t think or even see that I could or would be used. Oooooh But God!! 😆 y’all, I was trying to dim the Light to make others feel good about themselves.  
I’ll paraphrase what a friend told me the other day, he said ” what you bring to the table is change, some people don’t like change they rather stay in the darkness and complain” 
 I’ve realized that this is their comfort zone. They will cause ruckus before accepting the change or be removed, by their own will or God will remove them. However, for right now the embrace the challenge ,because I Know that on the other side of going through this there is a great blessing. 
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