Transparency Prayer for freedom

Father God,

I am absolutely petrifed as I read your word, looking over my life I haven’t always been obedient. I’ve failed many times  at my attempts to walk right, even now. Father, You have watched over me day and night with loving  faithfulness, never failing at giving your fresh grace and mercy. Knowing that the first step is to acknowledge when there is a problem, and there needs to be a change, Second, is taking it to the way maker so, I bring to you a major burden,  I want to be free, truly free from ALL generational curses, I pray the power of Jesus’ blood over myself,  my family, my children.  I pray that the things that have been passed down, that has infused itself hereditarilly, behavioral habits, witchcraft, all kinds sickness and diseases be broken ,loosed,  and severed from the bondage of sin and the we be brought into the house of God, living renewed in faith,  revived in the Holy spirit and restored to what you have intended for us to to be as we seek your ways, loving you. I truly ask for guidance, truth, endurance and boldness into this new life. 


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