Note to this Generation

Note to this generation

There is a dream waiting to be a reality… 
GOD has a purpose for your life. He has placed a desire in your heart. However, It is up to you to truly seek His will for your life. There is more to your life than instant gratification…the easy way isn’t necessarily beneficial long term. 

When will you spend time with Him so that you can know His voice so He can show you the way that will bring your dreams, desires and your life into His perfect will?

When will you fight against the the enemy of your soul? This enemy only comes to steal, kill & destroy you and eveything about you. Make wise choices today for your future self. Seek wisdom, be obedient and be accountable for each choice you make. NO one can live your life for you.Those that love you can only pray for you and share our experiences to guide you. 

When will you fight for what is right and pleasing before God? He has set before you two doors Life & Death. 
He desires for you to Live, ultimately you have a choice… Which one will you choose?



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