A heart’s letter

My heart hurt’s for all of GOD’s Children, we have some how lost the reverent fear for GOD. When we make decision without him, never really consulting Him for direction… and expecting for our way’s to be blessed. When our way isn’t going as we see fit we get mad at God. (Forgive us Father). Although we fall short we shouldn’t let or give into our lower nature, and allowing that to be an excuse for not making an effort to being a Living sacrifice unto GOD, to strive to be in a true, genuine relationship with Him. No, it’s not easy to walk this walk, He never said that it would be, What He did say was “Don’t Fear I am with you ALWAYS”, not some of the time BUT ALWAYS. (GRASP and MARINATE ON THAT ONE.) He is at the door of your heart knocking LET HIM IN… He is waiting on you make the choice of a life time…He won’t make you but He sure will woooooooooo… with an everlasting Unconditional LOVE.

Satan lies are cunning and deceitful and often times make sense when you don’t take the time to spend with the Heavenly Father. Fight ya’ll fight daily, moment by moment. Satan want’s you too.. but it may not be for the reasons you may think… Love is NOT in the equation AT ALL. It’s a Fight for your soul, Jesus already won the battle… you just have to choose to the free gift.

I know that I haven’t always been on one accord with him, That was the past and I am great believer that Jesus forgave me each one of my sins.

Oh HOW grateful to know Him now… Jesus saved Me from me, my past, not because I was perfect, but because He is perfect and He LOVES ME. 😉 I’ve accepted the fact I am powerless without Him, I NEED HIM and He deserves my worship,praise, adoration and ALL Glory.

I was guilty until I excepted gift from Jesus Christ and that is He paid a debt that I couldn’t pay.

#ImForgiven #SeekingtoKnowHim #Learning2BeaLight