I’m calling this moment…A Detoxing Epiphany:

I’m calling this moment…A Detoxing Epiphany:

Tonight, I realized that I was friends with a host of Satan appearing as an Angel of Light, having a form of Godliness. At the time I was unaware of his tactics but I ‘ve realized that he used emotions and my desire to be loved to get in. He mixed truth with error to make me think that I was at fault for doing what was right, that I did something wrong, that I wasn’t being Christ like if I didn’t forgive those that hurt me. Oh BUT by The Mighty Power of Christ Jesus I Am Free from that grip and I give My Heavenly Father all The Glory due because when I think of how He had protected me; it just makes me weep at the unconditional, enduring, Faithful LOOOOOOOVE that He has for me… it truly is amazing. I am grateful and words cannot even describe how much I appreciate a Awesome God, Father, Friend, my all.

From this day forward I pray that my life will obediently honor Him. With prayer and protection of my savior I am never picking up that which is toxic to my soul again. I HAVE A PURPOSE, My Soul Knows that I AM LOVED and He has made me A Child in His Kingdom.

So to sum it up and round things off, I now know “that it is better to be obedient than to sacrifice.”

Praise God for His redeeming grace and power and because of that I Am Victorious!!!

Chosen for purpose,
Algenia Kimya Harding