AlgeniaKimya sent you a note: Study time: 3/21/13

Study time: 3/21/13
The Landmines In The Path Of The Believer

Focus is a key element to living the Christian life successfully.

Whatever has your focus also has you. Ask yourself, are the eyes of your heart set on Jesus Christ, or am I angry and jealous of others?

…Focusing on your feelings can be very disrupting. When you are not operating within the guidelines of God’s principles, you will not know the right thing to do. More than likely, you will do what you think seems best according to your outlook.

Many believers take one wrong turn after another because they think they are on the right track. They see others heading in a certain direction, and they want to go that way too. God tells us to follow only Him. We learn to do this through prayer and meditation on His Word. When our hearts are submitted to Him, the Holy Spirit will guide and direct our path- a path that leads to many blessings.

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