Prayer: My thoughts

When someone asks you to pray for them, this isn’t the time for you to ask them what the details are, this IS an opportunity, to Love them by doing what is requested of us as their family in Christ.

Leave the details to God, take them to the Father with your heart and motives in the right place. In your intercession  prayer with Him, ask only that “His will be done”! Leave the details to Him, He has the better understanding and a purpose for that situation.

At times when someone is going through a situation, they don’t need to hear your opinions, your suggestions, or what saith you, what you think… the only thing they need is God’s Word spoken over their issue and into their life. PERIOD! We have NO power of our own to get to the core of the issues. ALL POWER BELONGS TO GOD.

For me to call myself a Christian (a follower of Christ) shouldn’t I do what He has asked of me to, Love my neighbor as I Love myself? I say emphatically YES!!

At times people are so ready to get the 411 on other’s and gossip about them, but forgetting that they are and once was in need of honest prayer, forgiveness, and another chance too.

For me it is a privilege to lift someone up in prayer, because it is another opportunity for them and myself to be in the presence of the Heavenly Father, He will teach/show me what to say or do for them. I am humbly honored that God hasn’t cast me away but He Loves me and gives me opportunities to come before Him on behalf of His people.

Again, I say” His will be done, not mine”.

Algenia Kimya


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