“No matter what obstacles we face, no matter what oppression…

“No matter what obstacles we face, no matter what oppression we
endure, no matter what crises rise up against us, God’s wisdom and
our faith are stronger and more lasting. Volatile surroundings are no
match for God’s peace and security. When we know that, wecan face
anything, not only with faith but also with pure joy.”

Question for Reflection: Why do you think people misunderstand the
relationship between faith and works? How does James explain this

—Excerpt from90 Days Thru the Bible,
fromWalk Thru the Bible and author Chris Tiegreen.

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Your actions has nothing to do with my Love

I don’t love you because you do everything I want you to, I don’t love because you are a perfect example of a friend, sister,brother, parent etc., I don’t love because you give me things, I don’t love you because you like my Twitter, Facebook post or Instagram pictures, I don’t love because you agree with every word I say or that you even agree with my faith. I simply Love because I choose to Love. I am not perfect in my giving but I choose to give love because it was given to me when I didn’t deserve it. I’ve come to understand that hurting people, hurt people, so I figured that loved people can love people. 🙂 I’m still learning daily how to let God show His love through me by forgiving those that hurt, use and abuse you, blessing those that speak evil of you, giving to those that take from you, feeding those that have no physical or spiritual food… because truthful in it all He sees what is done in secret and in plain sight and He knows every motive of the heart and He is just to reward both the giver and receiver. Blessings, A. Kimya