Spending time with God:Reminded that I MUST Believe!!!!

My prayer: LORD, it seems that I have no strength at all these days. Frustrations have caused my emotions to haywire; evaluating the people &  my circumstances around me has caused unrest  and doubt; evaluating myself has caused confusion and depression.  I haven’t sat quietly with You, listening, sharing, nor have I verbalized my trust in You in the depth I need. Meaning that I have said, “I trust in You today, Lord”–but I have not done that with my whole heart–with what’s happening in my world. It’s been a “surface saying.” So, I see why I have no strength. I found it difficult to take the time to be quiet and at times to pray… but I long for that–solitude, stillness, no disturbance–quietness. Lord, I am asking that You live, love, forgive & shine through me to establish Your will and purpose for me and those around me. 



God says: Stop trying. Stop struggling. You’ve heard the illustration of a drowning man–how difficult it is to help him as he flails his arms–as he panics and struggles to save himself. This is what you’re doing. You are endeavoring to accomplish something that is beyond your ability to achieve. Stop doing it. Just stop! Your efforts are futile. Your strength will fail. Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you acknowledge My power? My wisdom? My love? You know the kind of person I am. I’ve told you. I am gracious and compassionate; abounding in loving-kindness and truth; I forgive iniquities, transgressions and sins. I keep my loving-kindness for thousands. I know the plans that I have for you–plans for good–not for evil. I am God. The Lord of all flesh. Is anything too difficult for Me? Algenia, let Me do it for you, please. 


My response: Yes, Lord!! 



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