Produced By Faith: Being a Christian

“Being a Christian isn’t about being safe, or being a Christian only in environments where it is comfortable for us. It’s about God putting us through the purifying experience of work and struggle in order to perfect our character, integrity, and perspective.” – @DeVon_Franklin #ProducedbyFaith 

I gotta say since I’ve been here in Georgia (the furnace) my faith has been tried more than ever. I am so out of my comfort zone, and I definitely do not feel safe. However, even in and through the struggles I count it joy,to be for my good and God’s glory in the end.
So when I read this it made me smile 🙂 because it reminded me of what I heard the Lord say to me in 2004… “you must be tried in the fire before gold”. :/ What? Excuse me. What does that suppose to mean Father? I didn’t understand that saying constantly playing in my head.

Then I was lead to read Daniel 3 about the three Hebrew boys Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace.

Basically, STAND under pressure…your faith will be tried … trust in the relationship that you have with Jesus, he doesn’t show out to please man but he does show up to save man.

So in short Fam, I am reminded here that As Jesus was with them so shall He be with me through these purifying experiences to shape my character, integrity and perspectives. 🙂



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