A Letter to GOD: Worship

Dear God,

I just want to give You praise, I know that I have been complaining so much lately and asking for help to make it through these tough times, I know that is ok to ask for your help, but I came to realize that I need to Worship You with all of my being, I believe what your Word says and that that “You will never leave nor forsake me” ” You are a shelter in a time of storm” ” that You knew me even while I was being formed in mothers womb”… I’m taking you at your word today and remembering that You know the plans that you have for me, you have made provisions for throughout my life, this is my season to be still and know that You are God and You are more than worthy to be praised through the good and the bad of my life. I ask for forgiveness and I am grateful for you shining through the darkness of my life. Today, I just want to praise you! Thanks Jesus for saving a person like me: fickle, funny, scared, battered and bruised sinner. Thank you for The inheritance of being called Your child, Thanks for reminding me that this war is not about be me it is about You and My Worship and praise belong to You Heavenly Father because of who you are. I’m going to praise You anyway in the middle of these trials for Your glory through my life’s testimony.

Just grateful, Algenia KimyaImage


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